MÚSES is a place where curiosity and a thirst for knowledge can be satisfied mainly in a pleasurable way and as a sensorial surprise. Hence, the spirit behind education and didactics for adults is pure “delight”.

MÚSES is a “Knowledge School” achieved through practical workshops, classroom lessons, seminars, alternative and shared educational methods.

The activities offered are supported by experts and deal with the following related topics:
•    People’s wellbeing (perfumery and cosmetics)
•    Food farming sector (supply chains, tastings, cuisine, regulations)
•    Aromatic and medicinal herbs (herbal medicines and therapies)

The workshops offered teach you how to recognise and use the essences and aromatic herbs to create your very own personalised perfume or natural cosmetic, find your bearings when buying and using food products and much, much more.


It is also possible to create technical-scientific, informative and specialist training events for the professional certification of teachers, companies, freelancers, private individuals and FBO (Food Business Operators).