Multi - functional education hall

The sensory journey offered by MÚSES would not be complete without including the technological soul of the project. The presence of technology can be appreciated all the way along the exhibition, however, its presence has a leading role in the multi-functional hall. Here MÚSES expresses its Academic role in the etymological sense of the word, namely a knowledge and shared learning space and, even more broadly, a place open to everyone where visitors, specialists and aficionados can learn and experiment with the use of essences and perfumes.

MÚSES uses the hall for its educational activities and offers it to private groups wishing to promote workshops connected to the world of essences. The 18 multimedia workstations which are amongst the most innovative in Italy in terms of technical quality and sensory analyses performance all have a computer with dedicated software and a perfume organ with scents subdivided by top/head, middle/heart and base notes.

In this area you can learn the art of creating a personalised perfume or a natural cosmetic product as well as expand your scientific knowledge of essences or assess their use in food farming. MÚSES intends to participate in enhancing medicinal herbs and the traditions of their territory as well as impacting their future by using technology.