Palazzo Taffini is a central seventeenth-century building in the history of Savigliano: it becomes the seat of representation and hospitality of the Dukes of Savoy Carlo Emanuele I, Vittorio Amedeo I, Carlo Emanuele II, in a century also characterized by female regencies, such as Maria Christina of France and Marie Jeanne Baptiste of Nemours, wives of Victor Amadeus I and Charles Emmanuel II respectively, the Royal Ladies received solemn honors here and gave great impetus to court life.

An ancient noble residence, it contains in its baroque rooms the memory of epic battles fought by the Taffini alongside the Dukes of Savoy and immortalized in the Hall of Splendor of Vittorio Amedeo I, but also the secrets of a way of life linked to pleasure, to the satisfaction of the senses, celebrated in the Hall of the Gods, on the first floor.

Here we thought of reviving the ancient genius loci: Palazzo Taffini was also the house of flowers, fragrant herbs and essences, and perhaps his garden was refreshed by the gusts of fountains such as those represented in the Hall of the Gods.

Here MÚSES proposes in a contemporary key a prestigious history.

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